Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today was the last day of the festival, and I´m glad it´s over. It was fun to go, and I enjoyed looking at the pretty things for sale and watching some of the cool traditional things, but it got a little old after a while. We made a good time out of it, even while it was raining, and got to see a lot of the process of making a wooden boat, which was super cool. And we continued to pick up trash, the amount of which did pick up when thousands upon thousands of people were there, but it still stayed remarkably trash free. I was impressed. We went to a Chilean rodeo today too ... which was pretty cool. My favorite part was the man and his horse who were working to help move the bulls. The horse was so pretty and so well trained, we were all impressed. I felt bad for the bulls, and it stressed me out a lot when people rode them, but it was worth it to see.

Tomorrow we get to pack up our things and clean the house a bit, and get ready to go to Quehui! We´ll be there for five nights, then on to Puerto Varas, our last stop for the trip before we head back to Santiago to head out!

I´ll update you upon our arrival to Puerto Varas. Wish us all luck with our homestays!!!


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  1. You've got my prayers! Hope you are still drinking it all in.

    Less than 2 weeks!

    love you! Dad