Sunday, February 15, 2009

La capital de Chiloé

We are in Castro now, and for the coming week. Castro is the capital of Chiloé, the island we are staying on. Today it has been really rainy, and we went to a little festival in a nearby town - which ended up being a fun, but only for a little bit since we were all soaking wet and cold.

We have, otherwise, been wandering around town and enjoying the cafes and markets. There are TONS of markets in this town, and several large artisan markets. Lots of cool things. Many knit socks ... I feel a little weird about the idea of buying handknit socks since I make them. But I´m planning on buying wool!

We´ve been grocery shopping and cooking for ourselves as a group, which has been really nice. We are staying in a little house right in the center of the city, which is so nice since we can go out and wander around by ourselves if we want to. There are lots of internet places too. :) The house is authentic and has character, and there´s only one bathroom between the ten of us and the other guy that lives in the house. It´s a little cramped when we´re ALL trying to take showers, but otherwise it´s been fine. We´re getting used to using the bathroom together ... to say the very least.

Tomorrow afternoon we have a meeting with the municipality to see what we´re in for for this week. We´ll be doing some kind of service work for a couple of festivals that are going on. One is the Festival Costumbrista and we don´t know what the other one is. We´re hoping/planning on doing some variation of recycling ... so it should be good work.

So that´s what we´ve been up to for the last couple of days. I´ll keep you posted!



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  1. Castro sounds like a lovely locale! Enjoy the internet connection.

    Love, Dad