Tuesday, March 10, 2009

last shower in chile!

I just got out of the last shower I will take this time in Chile ... we´ll see if I come back here again one day.

Our last day at the cabins in Puerto Varas were very nice and relaxing. We worked on our papers some, and relaxed some in the sun. It was nice to have that time to reflect on the trip and also to work on our papers. It was also a beautiful day - sunny and perfectly warm all day, with a beautiful sunset to top it all off! Then we packed up our stuff and left early Monday morning and drove to another little town to stay in cabins for the night. The temperature change between leaving Puerto Varas and getting out at Salto de Lagos was incredible. It went up at least 10 degrees F!!! It was so much hotter! Luckily there was a lovely little pool at our cabins! So we all spent a few hours swimming, resting, and celebrating Laurel´s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Laurel! Then got up early-ish again this morning and drove to Santiago!

We arrived in Santiago earlier this afternoon and went to the airport to drop off our precious van, Shasha, that we have been so close to for these past two months. We made sure she wasn´t trying to take any of our belongings and waited for our rides to the hostel. It was strange to be at the airport because we weren´t leaving today, but knowing that we´ll be leaving tomorrow. We are staying at the same hostel that we stayed at the day we got here two months ago, and it´s very nice. I like this little hostel, it´s very eclectic and fun. It´s a nice way to bring the trip to a close. Tomorrow we have time to see the city a little bit more, then time to re-pack and put all of our things together to fly home.

We leave tomorrow at 5:00 for the airport, then our flight leaves Santiago around 9:30 for Atlanta, GA! We arrive sometime after 6 am in Atlanta and then fly to Asheville, NC. Safe and uneventful travels are our hope!

Until then,


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  1. Sounds like the end of a pilgrimage: happy to come to the end, while sad at the same time to see it come to the end.

    Love, Dad